Managed Wi-Fi
for your customers and employees

What is easywifi?

Leading guest Wi-Fi solutions

Whether you're a small or a large business, our easywifi solution is designed to suit your exact requirements.

We will implement an easy to use and fully managed Wi-Fi network for your visitors and employees and we will keep it always up to date.

Why easywifi?

Because we have it all!

All in one solution

Our service makes the difference! We offer an in-house network deployment, operated by experienced engineers and technicians, who will ensure the best end user experience possible for your venue.

Fully customizable

You should not accept compromises! The easywifi solution is adapted to meet your individual needs. Even if you already have an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure in your venue, we can integrate it in our system.

Monitoring & support

We monitor the installed hardware in your venue. So we can detect issues before anyone else and troubleshoot remotely. Our helpdesk provides support to the end users should they need any help.

Innovative pricing model

Pay only for what you really need and expand your network at your own pace and budget. No need to purchase any network hardware. Just lease it! If your hardware fails or gets out of date we will replace it at no cost.

SMS registration

One time SMS-registration for the end-users for a more secure surfing experience

Automated authentication

VIPs can get connected automatically, without having to re-enter their credentials

Content filtering

You can define what contents can be accessed by your visitors in your venue

Bandwidth management

The bandwidth is distributed evenly between all the connected devices

Personalized portal

End users get connected on a portal wich is personalized with your colors and logo

Technical support

Our helpdesk provides support to the end users and your employees should any problem arise

Remote monitoring

We monitor your hardware and we troubleshoot most issues remotely

Regulatory compliance

With our solution you are fully compliant to the current legal requirements

How to get started?

The steps of a successful Wi-Fi network deployment

1 Contact us

Give us a call or send us an e-mail and tell us what you need

2 Free site survey

Our technical team will perform a free-of-charge site survey

3 Installation

All the needed equipment (antennas, routers) will be installed

4 Start surfing

We perform a final validation and your visitors start surfing

Our experience

Building Managed Wi-Fi networks since 2009

HOTCITY S.A. was a pioneer in outdoor Wi-Fi networks in Luxembourg and is now one of
the leading companies offering Managed Wi-Fi solutions in the Grand-Duchy.

Our experienced engineers will get the most out of your Wi-Fi network.

Our references

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